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KORDA Spinner Rig Krank Boom 15cm #4

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Broj proizvoda: KCR146
EAN: 5060660634873
Kom/Pakiranje: 1
Trajanje popusta: od 04.06.2024 do 18.06.2024
Najniža cijena 30 dana: 3,58 EUR
Informacije o proizvodu "KORDA Spinner Rig Krank Boom 15cm #4"
Most anglers will have heard of the spinner rig as it has been featured prominently on many of our videos and is a favourite of a lot of our sponsored anglers, but if you don’t have the time or confidence to tie your own, then this ready-tied version is the perfect solution. It is constructed in exactly the same way as any of our top anglers would do it, and features a 5.5 inch Boom hook link with either a Krank or Kurv Shank hook attached via one of our Spinner Swivels which has been crimped on to provide a very strong connection. At the other end is a crimped loop which can be attached to any of our quick-change style systems. The rig can be used multiple times simply by changing the hook, which is very easy to do. There is a choice of size 4 or 6 hooks, in barbed or barbless, and each packet contains one rig. “This is the most efficient carp rig I have ever used! I cast this out with extreme confidence as it does everything you wish a rig to do; it has superb hooking potential, and you can even change the hook quickly without having to tie a new rig.” TOM DOVE The READY TIED SPINNER RIG has a 7” boom and now comes with both a size 4 or 6 KRANK hook patterns and KURV hook pattern (Barbed or Barbless).
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